Jim Carey: Illuminati Puppet Reverse Speech Revealed! “Satan don’t want no one going yellow.”

In this first installment of Reverse Speech Analysis we take a closer look at Jim Carey’s latest performance on Jimmy Kimmel sometime in November of 2014. This was fairly recent. Millions of people seen it already. What happened was that he went on stage to bring attention to the Illuminati to the public sector, arrogantly showing off pyramid symbolism using his wagging tongue. The plan obviously is to garner some form of welcoming or sympathy to/for the Illuminati in the public. They, the Illuminati, know that the masses watching this program know little to next to nothing about them, and bringing attention to themselves (The Illuminati) in this fashion, using mockery and facetious jesting right in plain sight, is their modis operandi; they have long used predictive programming to let us know future disaster events, and in this case, they are informing the sleeping masses that they exist, much to their programmed rejection of this truth. Just get them curious and confused, and that’ll be enough! They are revealing themselves to mankind, through their hollywood slaves. They have already let us know their existence through so many other avenues and walks of life, but this most blatant display of exposure sure should make you wonder when the true revealing and disclosure (alien card) will be played.

So as for the analysis of the reverse speech, one thing that I found interesting is when Jim, in reverse, says, “Hey misnomer…”

  1. a wrong or inaccurate name or designation.
    • a wrong or inaccurate use of a name or term.

Forwards, the conversation went,

Carey: “right. yea”

Kimmel “What is it?”

C: “come on,  Jimmy.”

“Come on,” he says it like he knows Kimmel knows; he is referring to the Illuminati. Carey proceeds to call the Illuminati the “Luminutty,” (the misnomer) paying homage to Seth Macfarlane’s American Dad episode bringing attention to the Illuminati with a storyline about the Mr. Peanut character and his monocle, where Mr. Peanut is traced to a shadowy organization called the Illuminutty. The “monocle” of course is the all-seeing eye, what both Jimmy’s portrayed LIVE that night with a slight twist, showing it off through their mouths and calling it the “all-mocking tongue,” mocking the very audience that laughs along at their enslavement, totally unaware of it, which, forwards and IN REVERSE, Carey IS TELLING THEM. More Below.

Jim Carey, speaking about his influence and others HOLLYWOOD stars’ influences on the masses, to the masses, “To, throw you off track, to distract you, to make you laugh, stuff like that. Make you happy and docile so you don’t really know what’s going on. Ya know? And they get out there in the woods in a circle naked and they decide these things, and, you know, *cough cough*.”

In reverse he says, “Eh-HEH, audy-n-ag/our dee & A/our DNA. Some can’t see the outside in the day, the end walkers, so there’s no wondering why they get parted. Naaah, they wanna gather as the one audience.” 

Our DNA. Something about our DNA, just mentioning it, you know that for so long now through GM Anti-Foods, vaccines, chemtrails, and other avenues the Illuminati have been actively attempting to change the DNA of mankind. Then what he says about people not seeing the outside in the day, they are not seeing the obvious, they are not seeing what is right in front of them. The audience claps, cheers and laughs, knowing not at all what he really means. They can’t see the outside in the day! Eyes closed! They can’t see! They are not awake! The “end walkers.” All those alive in the End Times/Latter Days. “It’s no wondering why they get parted,” so many people will be separated when the shit finally hits the fan, and there are certain people on Earth that Father has chosen and will separate from the others. During the peril on Earth people will be separated and killed, raped, tortured during FEMA martial law and civil unrest/roundups. “Gather as one audience.” They will all fall for the coming alien deception, gather as one, under a one world global totalitarian socialist government, under the antichrist, united under false prosperity and peace through NESARA and global currency reset scam and the false ALIEN MESSIAH/ASCENDED MASTER GARGE THAT BRINGS IT.

Then, of course, he and Kimmel agree that there is “only one,” and they are encouraging you to take the mark of the beast. You can hear it for yourself! “Say it saved doe. One, all sense of worships; get marked! The law! (One way!) 

And of course he says, “Satan don’t want no one going yellow.” Which is a reversal of when Jim says to Kimmel “Oh like YOU don’t know what it [the Illuminati pyramid symbolism he just showed] is.” Satan don’t want no one going yellow=show your loyalty to satan. Oh like you don’t know what loyalty to satan is? That is what he’s saying. He is saying, show your loyalty, he, satan, doesn’t want yellow bellies, and as we know from history, so-called yellow bellies, the ones that don’t tow the line, the ones that want OUT of the industry, the ones that want to and do renounce their affiliation with their controllers, get off’d by murder and a suicide label is slapped on it and the masses say “what a shame, it’s not easy being famous.” And that is an understatement. The longer you are in the industry, the more is expected of you. Sacrifices, like human sacrifices, murder, sodomy be it by man, beast, or demon. Shit on toothpicks to eat as gourmet appetizers, and they sold their souls for it. 


“Monday Night with Sherry Shriner – Those who claim they are the elite over us..spend most of their time eating feces, drinking urine and having relations with donkeys! Seriously, how elite is that folks??”


“Monday Night with Sherry Shriner – Satanists and Secret groups dominating America…they’re everywhere folks! A who’s what in the Death Cult in Hollywood…and much more!”

Jim Carey’s stunt successfully embedded in the minds of millions to start considering the Illuminati as something a bit more serious, or at least embed in their minds that, “yea, this isn’t going away.” That Illuminati stuff you laughed about and called stupid, crazy, retarded, outlandish, impossible, and radical, that might have kept you up at night in fear and bewilderment? It’s starting to become more real than ever.

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