“Official Illuminati” TV commercial reversed

By now you might have heard about this stupid website created by some idiots who love the Illuminati and pretend to BE them and act like they’re on our side. This is the original video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTRY2BEhXz8

There are a few interesting things about this reversal, I think the biggest being the mentioning of Senanda, the fake Jesus Christ figure of the new age, a personification of lucifer himself. In reverse the announcer says “serve satan, don’t he?” This is in the same line in which he states, “Prepare your life for the light that grows steadily brigher-in the distance.” Meaning, get ready for the arrival of the anti-christ and the phony son of God and the phony seal of God club. http://www.sherryshriner.com/sherry/sealing.htm

“Satan perverts everything the Most High God does. He’ll have his own fake rapture, his own fake descent to earth, his own fake sealing, and his own fake kingdom. And none of it will last longer than 42 months. Three and a half years is allotted for him to deceive mankind.”

For those unfamiliar with senanda and the other ascended masturds of the asstard command, galactic federation:




When he says “…mytanimul we’ve always behave. Send God, it’s lethal to have great news, somewhat wrong…” It’s pretty self explanatory…illuminati backwards, lying again saying they “always behave,” then proceeds to say that it is “lethal to have great news,” and that reminded me of the Good News, and got me thinking of those who will die for their testimony and love for Yahushuah by having their heads chopped off, for the Gospel, for Yahushuah. Lethal to have great news of Yah’s salvation, it will be lethal, once you refuse to worship the image of the beast.

As for what sounds like Final Fantasy and Resident Evil, the only things I can really say on that is to expect nightmare creatures as depicted in those games to be real and tormenting people during the Tribulation period. Half animal half machine, spirit beings, zombies, giants, and what is the only orgone that is capable of repelling these beings and melting zombies and giants by making orgone water? Orgone blasters. You won’t get any other orgone capable of being this powerful and versatile in its defensive/offensive capabilities and scope of influence. Magnetic orgone is good for these AI droids. You don’t get FEMA making the Zombie UFO Crash Disaster Full Scale Exercise for no reason; we are bombarded with alien invasion and zombie apocalypse scenarios but what people fail to realize is that these events are not separate from each other. Just by having read these words that (+)Orgone Generators as made at orgone blasters can do all these things, you are a huge step ahead of everyone else who has never heard of it, and you can either act on it and test it out yourself with what you can actively prove about orgone, or stay ignorant and victimized by chemtrails and harmful DOR EMF/ELF waves. This is the solution to their DOR agenda, this powerhouse in orgone, the good stuff, not the other junk that simply can’t ever compare to orgone blasters.


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