I discovered the NEO a while back when I was on I was intrigued, and so I wanted to learn as much as I could about the device. I knew I could get more by reversing these videos that BuzzBroz (Ken Sheetz) is uploading so I decided to do just that, and what you’re hearing in this video is only a tiny fraction of the reversals I actually extracted from nearly ALL the videos that have to do with the NEO and Patrick Flanagan himself.
If you just watch the video “East Meets Western” you can see that they promote Illuminati whore Madonna, whose song “Living for Love” when reversed can be tied in with CERN (the Cosmic Dance of Shiva) and the figure with hearts on his body in I Pet Goat II.

1341238912738-jesus---i-pet-goat Remember, this was the song that she was scripted to fall to at the UK awards show; it HAD a meaning, and reversing the song in question only brought out more of what’s going on in the background.

As you can see there, Madonna has the name “OBAMA” tattooed on her back. Why the HELL would ANY supporter of a DEVICE THAT IS ADVERTISED AS MAKING YOU SMARTER continue their support when this is shown in the video? Obama? The same obama called the antichrist? The same obama that is a figurehead of the Illuminati, who makes no decisions on his own? The same obama that stands for satan? Surely you’ve heard the reversal of his “yes we can” and “let me express.” They become “thankyou satan” and “serve satan,” respectively. Not very SMART to me.

Words from the video:

The Neurophone is an ultrasonic sound device, techno-meditation device, and accelerated learning device created by Patrick Flanagan in 1958 when he was 12, 13, or 14 years old (the numbers change from time to time if you hear the story enough times). Patrick was haunted by nightmares as a child where aliens, who wore odd an odd helmet apparatus with membranes connecting from the helmets to their heads (which in the manner he describes almost sounds like the Neurophone) would scare him telling him that if he did not match a level of knowledge they deemed fit, then they would destroy the Earth and everyone on it. Patrick does not consider it a problem to be referred to as the “Father of the New Age,” and to any Christian, the father of the New Age would ultimately be satan. It was in 2012 that Patrick announced publicly that he had information from his mom on her deathbed that he was born of a virgin birth and that he is in fact THE reincarnation of Nikola Tesla, the man whose contributions to mankind only led him to be shut up, shut down and his technology used against us by the Illuminati. It appears that this time Nikola Tesla decided to link up with the Illuminati.

Patrick Flanagan has NSA buddies, CIA buddies, NASA buddies, Pentagon buddies, and other intelligence, government, private, and insider buddies. Why? Because Patrick Flanagan was/is affiliated with ALL of the listed agencies plus loads of other ones. Patrick’s Neurophone was seized by the Defense Intelligence Agency after he received his patent because the Neurophone had “weapons potential.” What we have today as far as the latest model of Neurophone goes is the NF3, highly likely a weaponized device that can give NASA, NSA, & CIA (among others) access to your mind, and most definitely the ability to  influence you through a program only susceptible to YOUR mind, IE, ultrasonically.

Mankind doesn’t normally have their ultrasonic area in their body stimulated, but through the daily use of the Neurophone, you are actively training your inner ear to “open up” and become more able to perceive ultrasonic sound. That’s why the longer you use your Neurophone the better your experience gets.

Then comes the NEO. Neural Efficiency Optimizer. NEO=NEW, ONE. N-E-O, NEW WORLD ORDER, ONE WORLD ORDER, “NEO WORLD.” You can see in the Indiegogo page for the NEO it is advertised as bringing in the NEO AGE. The New Age is the buzzword for ascended master (SENANDA/MAITREYA COSMIC CHRIST) light show with UFOs, highly advanced holographic technology to fool the masses and all kinds of electronic stimulation going on. If you haven’t ever heard of NASA’s Project Blue Beam, you should look that up. The NEO sounds sweet and innocent, but through reverse speech, I have uncovered that beneath the sly words spoken forwards to sell the NEO, there lies a truth that shouldn’t be so shocking to hear, considering it comes from the “Father of the New Age,” satan/lucifer and his lackies.

One of the first reversals I conducted was of the Dolphins and the Neurophone video and you can hear Patrick say, “I’m on the third eye path now, number one!” I thought, hmm well alright, I wonder if the Neurophone is good for your pineal gland/third eye. It turns out that in a Janurary 25th interview he did with Lilou Mace, he does say on the record that using the Neurophone stimulates the third and fourth ventricles of your brain, so, your third eye is being stimulated.

In the video “How to use a Neurophone” with NEO supporter Geneveive Munoz, she states “through this they’re hearing me,” in reverse, yet again confirming what we should have already long suspected about this device. While containing tremendous power to do so much GOOD for you, it has just enough EVIL thrown in to jeopardize the whole situation. By using it you run the risk of being subtly programmed with a SPECIAL programming directed specifically at and for you.

In one of the more recent Neurophone videos, East Meets West, you can hear Patrick say, “So no one understands that we’re after your mind.” And also he boasts “NASA snoops and they love me.” Of course they do…he’s got a NASA buddy who his friend Ken Sheetz (the powerhouse behind the NEO indiegogo campaign and OPRAH affiliated) interviewed to SELL THE NEO NEUROPHONE! Again, NASA comes full circle. Well guess what Ms. FORMER NASA says about the NEO. She speaks VERY highly of it forwards, and in reverse she says, “Our followers will be 666.” She then also states “Another life you’re gonna hear from NASA.” So again, the New Age Alien Agenda rears its ugly head. While the New Agers wait for their NESARA and “FRIENDLY ET’S” to “WIPE OUT THE DARK ILLUMINATI CABAL” we can see that the stage is being set to deceive them and as much of the entire world as possible with this coming UFO invasion, the likes of which Sherry Shriner has been warning and preparing about for years now. It would be wise of you all to get your areas orgoned ASAP.

Sherry Shriner announced that she may take down her orgone order page starting May 14th, which would leave myself as the only seller of Sherry Shriner Style Orgone, so just make a search for that and you can purchase orgone if you can’t or don’t want to make it yourself.

Everyone who gets the NEO Neurophone will be little guinea pig test subjects; Patrick Flanagan has designed a brand new blend of frequencies just for the NEO called the “Pink Fibonacci.” The NEO will update all current NF3 users to the NEO step in ultrasonic bliss, which includes, admittedly by former NASA NEO Neurophone supporter, programming to accept the mark of the beast 666.

Look how they bring up Apollo 13 “Houston we have a problem” to announce that shipments of NEOs will start in late August due to a material problem. Now, only 210 NEO buyers with the money to travel to the Hilton in Sedona to attend the NEO Release Party will be able to be programmed before the other thousand buyers. They will be served a 3 course meal (trust them regarding ingredients) and after dessert, during an intense motion sense laser light show (Patrick Flanagan is so good at designing laser technology) the 210 NEO buyers will receive their NEOs with a group re-programming/updating session.

You will no longer operate at the NF3 ultrasonic level, but the NEO ultrasonic level, with what appears to be a mark of the beast program installed within it. Thanks for watching and please, if you know someone who is considering a NEO Neurophone, send them to this video, and stay tuned for more reverse speech updates. (You can send me stuff to reverse too)

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