Neil Degrasse Tyson Flat Earth Stunt Reversed: “…Need Sphere, Feed Sphere.” + LOTS MORE!!!

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WHY is there so much talk about the Flat Earth? It skyrocketed about February of 2015 (I and others seen it unfold before it got HUGE) and has rung through the halls of conspiracy circles like never before.  WHY? Here is the simple answer, folks: A GROWING NUMBER OF PEOPLE ARE REJECTING EVERYTHING THEY’VE BEEN TOLD AND ARE WILLING TO RE-LEARN EVERYTHING THEY THINK THEY KNEW. The problem is that the Flat Earth is part of another set of Illuminati False Options, as it is the direct opposite of the “SPHERICAL” Pear-Shaped Globe we were programmed to believe in as children; the pancake-shaped disc-like Flat Earth is what is known as Tier 2 Illuminati Propaganda; it is the Illuminati-conceived and approved alternative for those who have ALREADY REJECTED THE DEFAULT PROGRAMMING, in this case, of the Pear-Shaped Globe and Heliocentrism.

pear-shaped globe

“Our earth is almost a sphere or perfect ball. As a result of space research in 1959, it is now held that the earth is slightly pear-shaped; peaked at the north pole and bulbous at the south pole.” -The George F. Cram Company, INC. CRAM’s Outer Space and World Globe Handbook. 1962.

Of course, the truth is that the true shape of the Earth remains UNCONFIRMED as NO ONE IN THE PUBLIC SECTOR HAS EVER ACTUALLY SEEN IT.



DIVINE REVELATION from Yah’s Appointed Angel coming  from the Out of Darkness, Into the Light group on Talkshoe…


…has revealed that the Patrick Flanagan Sensor V Medallion…


…is actually the closest representation of the most true shape of the Earth.

“There is a ‘Massive Cosmic Sea;’ we’re surrounded by water an we live in ‘Middle Earth.’ The sea is outside ‘Middle Earth.’ The shape of the earth is like a dish, the Sensor V Medallion Pendant; it’s concave but curves slightly. There is a Mound in the middle where the (pole) is located; there are IMPRISONED GIANTS below the earth, in the water. The VERY BOTTOM of the earth is the Anti-Firmament (See Anti-Heaven). The Earth is in the middle of this Oblate Spheroid. The Flat Earthers are focusing on the ‘Middle Earth.’ We live in an enclosed system.”

“1/21/2017” UPDATE!!! It seems as though some pictures have surfaced of just what exactly the earth appears to look like, including the movement of the sun and the moon. Roaming reports state that this information might have come directly from the inner library of the Faeirie Kingdom of the Faeirie Realm. Please standby for more updates.


It seems to take on some kind of clam-form appearance.


It appears the sun is slightly larger than the moon. Clockwise rotation around a Central Pole.

Of course, they rub this in your face as the Illuminati throw David “Avocado” Wolfe into the Flat Earth Frenzy . David Wolfe is a known supporter of Dr. Patrick Flanagan’s Megahydrate and Crystal Energy supplements, and he wears a Sensor V medallion and discusses it in the film Frequency of Genius. The co-creator of the Sensor V medallion, Dr. Mohsen Hourmanesh, states again and again that the Earth is a not a sphere. 

We were given “OUTER SPACE” instead of a Cosmic Ocean. It would be IMPOSSIBLE to go to “OUTER SPACE” as NO ONE has PENETRATED GOD’S FIRMAMENT. So we were programmed with propaganda about gravity, a 90 million mile-away sun in “OUTER SPACE” and we were also programmed with an unwavering trust in telescopes.


Artificial Sky at Sunrise. 3/21/16, 7:04 AM.


Folks, what we’re dealing with here is a completely Artificial Sky. What do you think CHEMTRAILING has done all these past 5 decades? It has been ARTIFICIALLY MODIFYING GOD’S VERY SKY! Our sky is one of the MOST TAMPERED-WITH THINGS we’ve GOT in this Manufactured Reality; the sky has effectively been WEAPONIZED. We have absolutely 0% CERTAINTY of what’s in that ARTsky, yet people continue to blindly trust what they see in an Artificially Modified Sky. If you think you’re seeing (with your own eyes, binoculars, or telescopes ETC) super-novas, galaxies, comets, meteors, northern lights, stars, the sun and the moon, UFOs, planes, birds, or ANYTHING in a pristine, virgin, unadulterated sky, YOU’RE NOT THINKING STRAIGHT! That sky has been weaponized, it’s an Artificial Sky, and the vast majority of the population is completely ignorant of this self-evident fact of life. And it all goes under the careful watch of God Himself, who has done precisely nothing to stop it, as it is part of His Corporate Punishment on all of Mankind.


The reason it is so significant that the Illuminati would have their actor Neil Degrasse Tyson go on National television to bring attention to the Flat Earth is that it is a slap in the face to all the programmed slaves that continue to hold to the DEFAULT PROGRAMMING of the Heliocentric Pear-Shaped Globe; it is REINFORCING their emotional attachment to this nefarious social engineering as it portrays the Illuminati False Options (discussed above) that people are expected to fall into. Effectively, it is a form of Damage Control as the Illuminati created this FALSE COSMOLOGY we have today with the intention for it TO BE EXPOSED ACCORDINGLY. We are living in this time now, the Latter Days. Everything has been corrupted, and a New Elijah is coming to RESTORE ALL THINGS, as scripture makes clear!

So now that we know why it is significant this even happened in the first place, let us go on now to hear what was REALLY being said!

The source audio can be found here. I didn’t do what I had done previously with my Jim Carey reversal video where I WROTE EVERYTHING OUT; instead, I only selected WHAT WAS MOST IMPORTANT so ONLY WHAT IS SIGNIFICANT will be brought to the forefront. No time to waste, we cut to the chase. OK.

So this was cool, you can hear, “WOAH! See all the break-out, flat earthers. No doubt, flat earthers playing around. No doubt, flat earthers. Am I in the way? *Ahem*”

Neil Degrasse Tyson mentions this, “You threw shit at me-He’d asked to see a funny joke [brudba].” Shit-wielding B.O.B. to Neil Degrasse Tyson.

Something else Neil Degrasse Tyson mentions is, “Makes me here in a box tonight; Michelle O., standing, watching,” which would indicate Michelle Obama was standing on the sidelines watching the contrived event, which we know was set up for a direct meaning and purpose as outlined above. Could Neil Degrasse Tyson have defected from his handlers and came clean about the Illuminati FALSE COSMOLOGY we were given? That depends on whether or not Neil Degrasse Tyson is not heavily programmed, too much to defect, or Neil Degrasse Tyson isn’t even human and may actually be a SIM (Simulated Person);  synthetic being, an android or a clone of his former self. Given the options, the answer seems to be a resounding, PROBABLY NOT. Throw in the fact the guy appeared (along with Anderson Cooper) in the latest Hollywood film Batman VS Superman talking about the ALIENS IN THE NEWS, and you’ve got someone very embedded in Illuminati control.

This one was within Neil Degrasse Tyson’s nephew’s song. He says, “See the 4 seals bring the 4 horses [down].” Those of you who know what this is and what this means are already prepared for all this. Those of you who have no idea what this is even referring to have a lot of things to begin learning, and very little time to do so. The 6th seal will be the New Madrid Seismic Zone fault line bursting causing an economic collapse, FEMA death camp roundups, martial law, complete worldwide chaos and eventually leading into the anti-christ 666 beast system.

This was one very telling statement made in reverse by Neil Degrasse Tyson, “Surrounded there they’re all-need sphere; feed sphere.” He’s referring to the audience and the millions of viewers at home watching; as he is surrounded by them he knows just how emotionally attached they are to this BAAL Earth, this Heliocentric Pear-Shaped Globe, and he is FEEDING THEM ALL this Illuminati FALSE COSMOLOGY propaganda, which is exactly what they want anyway! REINFORCE the programming, RIDICULE any dissenting thoughts on the matter, and return to the CULT OF SOCIETY, which is proven by the Artificial Sky by the way!

This is the biggest reverse speech revelation by far, which is NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON MENTIONING SOMETHING ABOUT THE ARTIFICIAL SKY!!!!! This is what he says, “Observin’ the Earth-what was new with it? The whole sky!” Amazing, huh? How many other people and organizations in prominent positions of power, with the ability to ACTUALLY TELL THE TRUTH TO MILLIONS, know about the chemtrail agenda and the subsequent Artificial Sky yet hold this information back from you, the reader? 

Finally, this is something else Neil Degrasse Tyson had to say, “Hear schnucks in the near socialist state, yes nay, yours! Visit.” They all know what’s up, even if Neil might be a clone or android, they’re used for a purpose and that is to further control and socially engineer mankind to keep them on the course for the Totalitarian Socialist One World Government and One World Religion, and his reverse speech reflects it accordingly.


I just found out during the making of this video and writing of this piece that Obama mentioned the Flat Earth Tier 2 Illuminati Propaganda AGAIN on 3/28/16, you can watch it here. WHY even bring it up??? Damage control, further Heliocentric Pear-Shaped Globe reinforcement; they know people aren’t buying their bullshit anymore. Notice what he says, “If I say the Earth is round, and someone says it’s FLAT; that’s worth reporting…”  Just rubbing it in the faces of millions of programmed slaves that still believe they’re on a spinning Pear-Shaped Globe in “OUTER SPACE.” I already reversed the clip and he’s not saying anything of importance.

Thanks for taking the time to listen and read/watch.

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