How I discovered the Dark Speech Master Date of July the 12th – World War III – Big Ben Clock-Tower DESTRUCTION by Johnny Galvan

I would much rather speak this out than type it but I’m more in the mood to type.


Released June 09th. Notice the ORANGE = 33 – ALARM CLOCK CODE to the CLOCK – the 12th of July

It was only about 5 months ago that this album came out. When I had caught wind of it at the end of May, I was COMPLETELY excited to get it! I RUSHED to the store to get my hands on a copy; I didn’t even care if it was free online, I WANTED TO PAY FOR IT.

So I bought it, stuffed it in my bag and gleefully rushed home. The first thing that anyone would notice about the album is 1) THE ORANGE (33) SYMBOLISM 2) THE EYE IN THE MOUTH 3) THE ALARM-CLOCK FONT 

As it turns out, what that eye in her mouth and covered eyes/ears esoterically communicates is that you need to SEE what she is SAYING, which I provide in my video blow; there are WORDS that have been PLACED in her MOUTH by these Darkypticists that NEEDED to be SEEN, and if you watch my videos, you will SEE THEM. 

So I began to count … 33 days from June 09th would be … JULY 12! I said to myself, in my room, as the tracks were being downloaded into my computer, “33 days from now SOMETHING HUGE may happen; this is it right here, the symbolism!

This was my very first encounter with this “July the 12th” date. I had NO IDEA just how encoded it had been for many, many years in reverse. I hadn’t even discovered the term “DARK SPEECH” yet!

So, interestingly, and I believe this was the work of Yah Himself getting me to do this, I didn’t start reversing the album in order from Track 01 to the end as I had been doing with all the other albums I was reversing; this time around, I decided to go with the LAST TRACK and work my way up to the first.

What this accomplished, actually, was getting me to NOT EVEN FINISH REVERSING THE ALBUM! I had fallen asleep and never even made it to Track 02, Hey Hey Hey, which, in hindsight, after July the 12th, I would discover contained the BIG BEN CLOCK-TOWER DESTRUCTION DARK SPEECH in it!

So, I actually completely failed in finding this the first day I bought it and I never touched it again during that entire 33 day period – but it was during those 33 days that I had discovered on GLP that Jay-Z dropped a new album called 4:44 (12) and so I downloaded it online; a high quality zip file of the album was being freely offered. It took me a few days of going over it but I began to transcribe the song BAM and THAT was the song that contained the line in reverse, “12 is the number but I’ll go to ask the English Masters. Serve beef, betcha one week when suddenly the bombs go off…missiles launch…catching the end of the launch.

I was astounded I caught it, it blew me away. I knew that was it, the “12” being referred to HAD to be the “12th of July!”

So, armed with this bit of information I decided to then issue my JULY THE 12th POTENTIAL FALSE FLAG WARNING THREAD for the USA & UK specifically on GLP. Did I have any idea whatsoever that “the 12th of July” was a frequently reverse-encoded date which is actually all about the start of a World War III Scenario involving the Big Ben Clock-Tower in London getting destroyed by missile fire? Of course not; what I warned about on GLP was just telling people that HEY, it looks like a FALSE FLAG may go down on JULY the 12th so JUST STAY HOME because YOU WON’T WANT TO BE ANYWHERE OUTSIDE WHEN IT HAPPENS.  I gave this warning to GLP about July 7th – I know it wasn’t much time to give out the warning but I hadn’t realized at all that the 12th of July was ACTUALLY THE SECRET SURPRISE DATE FOR THIS DESTRUCTION AND WORLD WAR 3! I had stumbled on the secret Master Date but I had no idea! So on GLP all I did was simply warn of a POTENTIAL FALSE FLAG EVENT which actually left myself completely protected and free from any massive ridicule because, and this is on record, I had NEVER ONCE STATED that anything “WOULD” happen on July the 12th 2017; I had stated repeatedly that something “COULD” happen!

And so I fully believe it was the work of Yah Himself that prevented me from discovering the Big Ben Clock-Tower DESTRUCTION DARK SPEECH ENCODING in Track 02, Hey Hey Hey during those 33 days to July the 12th and becoming a boy who cried wolf because had I discovered it that first day, I would have freaked out – I probably would have made the loudest ruckus in the world, on the internet, saying “THIS IS IT, THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN” ETC – It would have ended extremely badly for me, as I would have appeared completely foolish to everyone I warned seeing how NOTHING HAPPENED. My Katy Perry video probably would’ve gone viral during those 33 days, probably getting to a million views, who knows, because my OTHER Katy Perry video off the same album got selected by a youtube content reviewer’s channel and thousands upon thousands watched it, but it just wasn’t the one that NEEDED to be seen – but it’s fine, because this is how Yah wanted it to happen- So if you’ll watch my Track 02, Hey Hey Hey REVERSED video, you’ll see how it’s all undeniable, you can HEAR THE ALARM BEING SET IN THE F%$#”#∆ SONG!!! It is ALL ABOUT THE MISSILES HITTING THE BIG BEN! It’s impossible not to hear every single line of text I have written on the screen –