How I discovered the Dark Speech Master Date of July the 12th – World War III – Big Ben Clock-Tower DESTRUCTION by Johnny Galvan

I would much rather speak this out than type it but I’m more in the mood to type.


Released June 09th. Notice the ORANGE = 33 – ALARM CLOCK CODE to the CLOCK – the 12th of July

It was only about 5 months ago that this album came out. When I had caught wind of it at the end of May, I was COMPLETELY excited to get it! I RUSHED to the store to get my hands on a copy; I didn’t even care if it was free online, I WANTED TO PAY FOR IT.

So I bought it, stuffed it in my bag and gleefully rushed home. The first thing that anyone would notice about the album is 1) THE ORANGE (33) SYMBOLISM 2) THE EYE IN THE MOUTH 3) THE ALARM-CLOCK FONT 

As it turns out, what that eye in her mouth and covered eyes/ears esoterically communicates is that you need to SEE what she is SAYING, which I provide in my video blow; there are WORDS that have been PLACED in her MOUTH by these Darkypticists that NEEDED to be SEEN, and if you watch my videos, you will SEE THEM. 

So I began to count … 33 days from June 09th would be … JULY 12! I said to myself, in my room, as the tracks were being downloaded into my computer, “33 days from now SOMETHING HUGE may happen; this is it right here, the symbolism!

This was my very first encounter with this “July the 12th” date. I had NO IDEA just how encoded it had been for many, many years in reverse. I hadn’t even discovered the term “DARK SPEECH” yet!

So, interestingly, and I believe this was the work of Yah Himself getting me to do this, I didn’t start reversing the album in order from Track 01 to the end as I had been doing with all the other albums I was reversing; this time around, I decided to go with the LAST TRACK and work my way up to the first.

What this accomplished, actually, was getting me to NOT EVEN FINISH REVERSING THE ALBUM! I had fallen asleep and never even made it to Track 02, Hey Hey Hey, which, in hindsight, after July the 12th, I would discover contained the BIG BEN CLOCK-TOWER DESTRUCTION DARK SPEECH in it!

So, I actually completely failed in finding this the first day I bought it and I never touched it again during that entire 33 day period – but it was during those 33 days that I had discovered on GLP that Jay-Z dropped a new album called 4:44 (12) and so I downloaded it online; a high quality zip file of the album was being freely offered. It took me a few days of going over it but I began to transcribe the song BAM and THAT was the song that contained the line in reverse, “12 is the number but I’ll go to ask the English Masters. Serve beef, betcha one week when suddenly the bombs go off…missiles launch…catching the end of the launch.

I was astounded I caught it, it blew me away. I knew that was it, the “12” being referred to HAD to be the “12th of July!”

So, armed with this bit of information I decided to then issue my JULY THE 12th POTENTIAL FALSE FLAG WARNING THREAD for the USA & UK specifically on GLP. Did I have any idea whatsoever that “the 12th of July” was a frequently reverse-encoded date which is actually all about the start of a World War III Scenario involving the Big Ben Clock-Tower in London getting destroyed by missile fire? Of course not; what I warned about on GLP was just telling people that HEY, it looks like a FALSE FLAG may go down on JULY the 12th so JUST STAY HOME because YOU WON’T WANT TO BE ANYWHERE OUTSIDE WHEN IT HAPPENS.  I gave this warning to GLP about July 7th – I know it wasn’t much time to give out the warning but I hadn’t realized at all that the 12th of July was ACTUALLY THE SECRET SURPRISE DATE FOR THIS DESTRUCTION AND WORLD WAR 3! I had stumbled on the secret Master Date but I had no idea! So on GLP all I did was simply warn of a POTENTIAL FALSE FLAG EVENT which actually left myself completely protected and free from any massive ridicule because, and this is on record, I had NEVER ONCE STATED that anything “WOULD” happen on July the 12th 2017; I had stated repeatedly that something “COULD” happen!

And so I fully believe it was the work of Yah Himself that prevented me from discovering the Big Ben Clock-Tower DESTRUCTION DARK SPEECH ENCODING in Track 02, Hey Hey Hey during those 33 days to July the 12th and becoming a boy who cried wolf because had I discovered it that first day, I would have freaked out – I probably would have made the loudest ruckus in the world, on the internet, saying “THIS IS IT, THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN” ETC – It would have ended extremely badly for me, as I would have appeared completely foolish to everyone I warned seeing how NOTHING HAPPENED. My Katy Perry video probably would’ve gone viral during those 33 days, probably getting to a million views, who knows, because my OTHER Katy Perry video off the same album got selected by a youtube content reviewer’s channel and thousands upon thousands watched it, but it just wasn’t the one that NEEDED to be seen – but it’s fine, because this is how Yah wanted it to happen- So if you’ll watch my Track 02, Hey Hey Hey REVERSED video, you’ll see how it’s all undeniable, you can HEAR THE ALARM BEING SET IN THE F%$#”#∆ SONG!!! It is ALL ABOUT THE MISSILES HITTING THE BIG BEN! It’s impossible not to hear every single line of text I have written on the screen –



Neil Degrasse Tyson Flat Earth Stunt Reversed: “…Need Sphere, Feed Sphere.” + LOTS MORE!!!

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 8.19.17 PM



WHY is there so much talk about the Flat Earth? It skyrocketed about February of 2015 (I and others seen it unfold before it got HUGE) and has rung through the halls of conspiracy circles like never before.  WHY? Here is the simple answer, folks: A GROWING NUMBER OF PEOPLE ARE REJECTING EVERYTHING THEY’VE BEEN TOLD AND ARE WILLING TO RE-LEARN EVERYTHING THEY THINK THEY KNEW. The problem is that the Flat Earth is part of another set of Illuminati False Options, as it is the direct opposite of the “SPHERICAL” Pear-Shaped Globe we were programmed to believe in as children; the pancake-shaped disc-like Flat Earth is what is known as Tier 2 Illuminati Propaganda; it is the Illuminati-conceived and approved alternative for those who have ALREADY REJECTED THE DEFAULT PROGRAMMING, in this case, of the Pear-Shaped Globe and Heliocentrism.

pear-shaped globe

“Our earth is almost a sphere or perfect ball. As a result of space research in 1959, it is now held that the earth is slightly pear-shaped; peaked at the north pole and bulbous at the south pole.” -The George F. Cram Company, INC. CRAM’s Outer Space and World Globe Handbook. 1962.

Of course, the truth is that the true shape of the Earth remains UNCONFIRMED as NO ONE IN THE PUBLIC SECTOR HAS EVER ACTUALLY SEEN IT.



DIVINE REVELATION from Yah’s Appointed Angel coming  from the Out of Darkness, Into the Light group on Talkshoe…


…has revealed that the Patrick Flanagan Sensor V Medallion…


…is actually the closest representation of the most true shape of the Earth.

“There is a ‘Massive Cosmic Sea;’ we’re surrounded by water an we live in ‘Middle Earth.’ The sea is outside ‘Middle Earth.’ The shape of the earth is like a dish, the Sensor V Medallion Pendant; it’s concave but curves slightly. There is a Mound in the middle where the (pole) is located; there are IMPRISONED GIANTS below the earth, in the water. The VERY BOTTOM of the earth is the Anti-Firmament (See Anti-Heaven). The Earth is in the middle of this Oblate Spheroid. The Flat Earthers are focusing on the ‘Middle Earth.’ We live in an enclosed system.”

“1/21/2017” UPDATE!!! It seems as though some pictures have surfaced of just what exactly the earth appears to look like, including the movement of the sun and the moon. Roaming reports state that this information might have come directly from the inner library of the Faeirie Kingdom of the Faeirie Realm. Please standby for more updates.


It seems to take on some kind of clam-form appearance.


It appears the sun is slightly larger than the moon. Clockwise rotation around a Central Pole.

Of course, they rub this in your face as the Illuminati throw David “Avocado” Wolfe into the Flat Earth Frenzy . David Wolfe is a known supporter of Dr. Patrick Flanagan’s Megahydrate and Crystal Energy supplements, and he wears a Sensor V medallion and discusses it in the film Frequency of Genius. The co-creator of the Sensor V medallion, Dr. Mohsen Hourmanesh, states again and again that the Earth is a not a sphere. 

We were given “OUTER SPACE” instead of a Cosmic Ocean. It would be IMPOSSIBLE to go to “OUTER SPACE” as NO ONE has PENETRATED GOD’S FIRMAMENT. So we were programmed with propaganda about gravity, a 90 million mile-away sun in “OUTER SPACE” and we were also programmed with an unwavering trust in telescopes.


Artificial Sky at Sunrise. 3/21/16, 7:04 AM.


Folks, what we’re dealing with here is a completely Artificial Sky. What do you think CHEMTRAILING has done all these past 5 decades? It has been ARTIFICIALLY MODIFYING GOD’S VERY SKY! Our sky is one of the MOST TAMPERED-WITH THINGS we’ve GOT in this Manufactured Reality; the sky has effectively been WEAPONIZED. We have absolutely 0% CERTAINTY of what’s in that ARTsky, yet people continue to blindly trust what they see in an Artificially Modified Sky. If you think you’re seeing (with your own eyes, binoculars, or telescopes ETC) super-novas, galaxies, comets, meteors, northern lights, stars, the sun and the moon, UFOs, planes, birds, or ANYTHING in a pristine, virgin, unadulterated sky, YOU’RE NOT THINKING STRAIGHT! That sky has been weaponized, it’s an Artificial Sky, and the vast majority of the population is completely ignorant of this self-evident fact of life. And it all goes under the careful watch of God Himself, who has done precisely nothing to stop it, as it is part of His Corporate Punishment on all of Mankind.


The reason it is so significant that the Illuminati would have their actor Neil Degrasse Tyson go on National television to bring attention to the Flat Earth is that it is a slap in the face to all the programmed slaves that continue to hold to the DEFAULT PROGRAMMING of the Heliocentric Pear-Shaped Globe; it is REINFORCING their emotional attachment to this nefarious social engineering as it portrays the Illuminati False Options (discussed above) that people are expected to fall into. Effectively, it is a form of Damage Control as the Illuminati created this FALSE COSMOLOGY we have today with the intention for it TO BE EXPOSED ACCORDINGLY. We are living in this time now, the Latter Days. Everything has been corrupted, and a New Elijah is coming to RESTORE ALL THINGS, as scripture makes clear!

So now that we know why it is significant this even happened in the first place, let us go on now to hear what was REALLY being said!

The source audio can be found here. I didn’t do what I had done previously with my Jim Carey reversal video where I WROTE EVERYTHING OUT; instead, I only selected WHAT WAS MOST IMPORTANT so ONLY WHAT IS SIGNIFICANT will be brought to the forefront. No time to waste, we cut to the chase. OK.

So this was cool, you can hear, “WOAH! See all the break-out, flat earthers. No doubt, flat earthers playing around. No doubt, flat earthers. Am I in the way? *Ahem*”

Neil Degrasse Tyson mentions this, “You threw shit at me-He’d asked to see a funny joke [brudba].” Shit-wielding B.O.B. to Neil Degrasse Tyson.

Something else Neil Degrasse Tyson mentions is, “Makes me here in a box tonight; Michelle O., standing, watching,” which would indicate Michelle Obama was standing on the sidelines watching the contrived event, which we know was set up for a direct meaning and purpose as outlined above. Could Neil Degrasse Tyson have defected from his handlers and came clean about the Illuminati FALSE COSMOLOGY we were given? That depends on whether or not Neil Degrasse Tyson is not heavily programmed, too much to defect, or Neil Degrasse Tyson isn’t even human and may actually be a SIM (Simulated Person);  synthetic being, an android or a clone of his former self. Given the options, the answer seems to be a resounding, PROBABLY NOT. Throw in the fact the guy appeared (along with Anderson Cooper) in the latest Hollywood film Batman VS Superman talking about the ALIENS IN THE NEWS, and you’ve got someone very embedded in Illuminati control.

This one was within Neil Degrasse Tyson’s nephew’s song. He says, “See the 4 seals bring the 4 horses [down].” Those of you who know what this is and what this means are already prepared for all this. Those of you who have no idea what this is even referring to have a lot of things to begin learning, and very little time to do so. The 6th seal will be the New Madrid Seismic Zone fault line bursting causing an economic collapse, FEMA death camp roundups, martial law, complete worldwide chaos and eventually leading into the anti-christ 666 beast system.

This was one very telling statement made in reverse by Neil Degrasse Tyson, “Surrounded there they’re all-need sphere; feed sphere.” He’s referring to the audience and the millions of viewers at home watching; as he is surrounded by them he knows just how emotionally attached they are to this BAAL Earth, this Heliocentric Pear-Shaped Globe, and he is FEEDING THEM ALL this Illuminati FALSE COSMOLOGY propaganda, which is exactly what they want anyway! REINFORCE the programming, RIDICULE any dissenting thoughts on the matter, and return to the CULT OF SOCIETY, which is proven by the Artificial Sky by the way!

This is the biggest reverse speech revelation by far, which is NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON MENTIONING SOMETHING ABOUT THE ARTIFICIAL SKY!!!!! This is what he says, “Observin’ the Earth-what was new with it? The whole sky!” Amazing, huh? How many other people and organizations in prominent positions of power, with the ability to ACTUALLY TELL THE TRUTH TO MILLIONS, know about the chemtrail agenda and the subsequent Artificial Sky yet hold this information back from you, the reader? 

Finally, this is something else Neil Degrasse Tyson had to say, “Hear schnucks in the near socialist state, yes nay, yours! Visit.” They all know what’s up, even if Neil might be a clone or android, they’re used for a purpose and that is to further control and socially engineer mankind to keep them on the course for the Totalitarian Socialist One World Government and One World Religion, and his reverse speech reflects it accordingly.


I just found out during the making of this video and writing of this piece that Obama mentioned the Flat Earth Tier 2 Illuminati Propaganda AGAIN on 3/28/16, you can watch it here. WHY even bring it up??? Damage control, further Heliocentric Pear-Shaped Globe reinforcement; they know people aren’t buying their bullshit anymore. Notice what he says, “If I say the Earth is round, and someone says it’s FLAT; that’s worth reporting…”  Just rubbing it in the faces of millions of programmed slaves that still believe they’re on a spinning Pear-Shaped Globe in “OUTER SPACE.” I already reversed the clip and he’s not saying anything of importance.

Thanks for taking the time to listen and read/watch.

Remember, I DO TAKE REQUESTS. If you haven’t subscribed to ULTRASONIC REVERSE SPEECH ANALYSIS on youtube I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU DO as I have TONS of files JUST WAITING to be put together to show you all! CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE!

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 5.45.37 PM



I discovered the NEO a while back when I was on I was intrigued, and so I wanted to learn as much as I could about the device. I knew I could get more by reversing these videos that BuzzBroz (Ken Sheetz) is uploading so I decided to do just that, and what you’re hearing in this video is only a tiny fraction of the reversals I actually extracted from nearly ALL the videos that have to do with the NEO and Patrick Flanagan himself.
If you just watch the video “East Meets Western” you can see that they promote Illuminati whore Madonna, whose song “Living for Love” when reversed can be tied in with CERN (the Cosmic Dance of Shiva) and the figure with hearts on his body in I Pet Goat II.

1341238912738-jesus---i-pet-goat Remember, this was the song that she was scripted to fall to at the UK awards show; it HAD a meaning, and reversing the song in question only brought out more of what’s going on in the background.

As you can see there, Madonna has the name “OBAMA” tattooed on her back. Why the HELL would ANY supporter of a DEVICE THAT IS ADVERTISED AS MAKING YOU SMARTER continue their support when this is shown in the video? Obama? The same obama called the antichrist? The same obama that is a figurehead of the Illuminati, who makes no decisions on his own? The same obama that stands for satan? Surely you’ve heard the reversal of his “yes we can” and “let me express.” They become “thankyou satan” and “serve satan,” respectively. Not very SMART to me.

Words from the video:

The Neurophone is an ultrasonic sound device, techno-meditation device, and accelerated learning device created by Patrick Flanagan in 1958 when he was 12, 13, or 14 years old (the numbers change from time to time if you hear the story enough times). Patrick was haunted by nightmares as a child where aliens, who wore odd an odd helmet apparatus with membranes connecting from the helmets to their heads (which in the manner he describes almost sounds like the Neurophone) would scare him telling him that if he did not match a level of knowledge they deemed fit, then they would destroy the Earth and everyone on it. Patrick does not consider it a problem to be referred to as the “Father of the New Age,” and to any Christian, the father of the New Age would ultimately be satan. It was in 2012 that Patrick announced publicly that he had information from his mom on her deathbed that he was born of a virgin birth and that he is in fact THE reincarnation of Nikola Tesla, the man whose contributions to mankind only led him to be shut up, shut down and his technology used against us by the Illuminati. It appears that this time Nikola Tesla decided to link up with the Illuminati.

Patrick Flanagan has NSA buddies, CIA buddies, NASA buddies, Pentagon buddies, and other intelligence, government, private, and insider buddies. Why? Because Patrick Flanagan was/is affiliated with ALL of the listed agencies plus loads of other ones. Patrick’s Neurophone was seized by the Defense Intelligence Agency after he received his patent because the Neurophone had “weapons potential.” What we have today as far as the latest model of Neurophone goes is the NF3, highly likely a weaponized device that can give NASA, NSA, & CIA (among others) access to your mind, and most definitely the ability to  influence you through a program only susceptible to YOUR mind, IE, ultrasonically.

Mankind doesn’t normally have their ultrasonic area in their body stimulated, but through the daily use of the Neurophone, you are actively training your inner ear to “open up” and become more able to perceive ultrasonic sound. That’s why the longer you use your Neurophone the better your experience gets.

Then comes the NEO. Neural Efficiency Optimizer. NEO=NEW, ONE. N-E-O, NEW WORLD ORDER, ONE WORLD ORDER, “NEO WORLD.” You can see in the Indiegogo page for the NEO it is advertised as bringing in the NEO AGE. The New Age is the buzzword for ascended master (SENANDA/MAITREYA COSMIC CHRIST) light show with UFOs, highly advanced holographic technology to fool the masses and all kinds of electronic stimulation going on. If you haven’t ever heard of NASA’s Project Blue Beam, you should look that up. The NEO sounds sweet and innocent, but through reverse speech, I have uncovered that beneath the sly words spoken forwards to sell the NEO, there lies a truth that shouldn’t be so shocking to hear, considering it comes from the “Father of the New Age,” satan/lucifer and his lackies.

One of the first reversals I conducted was of the Dolphins and the Neurophone video and you can hear Patrick say, “I’m on the third eye path now, number one!” I thought, hmm well alright, I wonder if the Neurophone is good for your pineal gland/third eye. It turns out that in a Janurary 25th interview he did with Lilou Mace, he does say on the record that using the Neurophone stimulates the third and fourth ventricles of your brain, so, your third eye is being stimulated.

In the video “How to use a Neurophone” with NEO supporter Geneveive Munoz, she states “through this they’re hearing me,” in reverse, yet again confirming what we should have already long suspected about this device. While containing tremendous power to do so much GOOD for you, it has just enough EVIL thrown in to jeopardize the whole situation. By using it you run the risk of being subtly programmed with a SPECIAL programming directed specifically at and for you.

In one of the more recent Neurophone videos, East Meets West, you can hear Patrick say, “So no one understands that we’re after your mind.” And also he boasts “NASA snoops and they love me.” Of course they do…he’s got a NASA buddy who his friend Ken Sheetz (the powerhouse behind the NEO indiegogo campaign and OPRAH affiliated) interviewed to SELL THE NEO NEUROPHONE! Again, NASA comes full circle. Well guess what Ms. FORMER NASA says about the NEO. She speaks VERY highly of it forwards, and in reverse she says, “Our followers will be 666.” She then also states “Another life you’re gonna hear from NASA.” So again, the New Age Alien Agenda rears its ugly head. While the New Agers wait for their NESARA and “FRIENDLY ET’S” to “WIPE OUT THE DARK ILLUMINATI CABAL” we can see that the stage is being set to deceive them and as much of the entire world as possible with this coming UFO invasion, the likes of which Sherry Shriner has been warning and preparing about for years now. It would be wise of you all to get your areas orgoned ASAP.

Sherry Shriner announced that she may take down her orgone order page starting May 14th, which would leave myself as the only seller of Sherry Shriner Style Orgone, so just make a search for that and you can purchase orgone if you can’t or don’t want to make it yourself.

Everyone who gets the NEO Neurophone will be little guinea pig test subjects; Patrick Flanagan has designed a brand new blend of frequencies just for the NEO called the “Pink Fibonacci.” The NEO will update all current NF3 users to the NEO step in ultrasonic bliss, which includes, admittedly by former NASA NEO Neurophone supporter, programming to accept the mark of the beast 666.

Look how they bring up Apollo 13 “Houston we have a problem” to announce that shipments of NEOs will start in late August due to a material problem. Now, only 210 NEO buyers with the money to travel to the Hilton in Sedona to attend the NEO Release Party will be able to be programmed before the other thousand buyers. They will be served a 3 course meal (trust them regarding ingredients) and after dessert, during an intense motion sense laser light show (Patrick Flanagan is so good at designing laser technology) the 210 NEO buyers will receive their NEOs with a group re-programming/updating session.

You will no longer operate at the NF3 ultrasonic level, but the NEO ultrasonic level, with what appears to be a mark of the beast program installed within it. Thanks for watching and please, if you know someone who is considering a NEO Neurophone, send them to this video, and stay tuned for more reverse speech updates. (You can send me stuff to reverse too)

“Official Illuminati” TV commercial reversed

By now you might have heard about this stupid website created by some idiots who love the Illuminati and pretend to BE them and act like they’re on our side. This is the original video

There are a few interesting things about this reversal, I think the biggest being the mentioning of Senanda, the fake Jesus Christ figure of the new age, a personification of lucifer himself. In reverse the announcer says “serve satan, don’t he?” This is in the same line in which he states, “Prepare your life for the light that grows steadily brigher-in the distance.” Meaning, get ready for the arrival of the anti-christ and the phony son of God and the phony seal of God club.

“Satan perverts everything the Most High God does. He’ll have his own fake rapture, his own fake descent to earth, his own fake sealing, and his own fake kingdom. And none of it will last longer than 42 months. Three and a half years is allotted for him to deceive mankind.”

For those unfamiliar with senanda and the other ascended masturds of the asstard command, galactic federation:

When he says “…mytanimul we’ve always behave. Send God, it’s lethal to have great news, somewhat wrong…” It’s pretty self explanatory…illuminati backwards, lying again saying they “always behave,” then proceeds to say that it is “lethal to have great news,” and that reminded me of the Good News, and got me thinking of those who will die for their testimony and love for Yahushuah by having their heads chopped off, for the Gospel, for Yahushuah. Lethal to have great news of Yah’s salvation, it will be lethal, once you refuse to worship the image of the beast.

As for what sounds like Final Fantasy and Resident Evil, the only things I can really say on that is to expect nightmare creatures as depicted in those games to be real and tormenting people during the Tribulation period. Half animal half machine, spirit beings, zombies, giants, and what is the only orgone that is capable of repelling these beings and melting zombies and giants by making orgone water? Orgone blasters. You won’t get any other orgone capable of being this powerful and versatile in its defensive/offensive capabilities and scope of influence. Magnetic orgone is good for these AI droids. You don’t get FEMA making the Zombie UFO Crash Disaster Full Scale Exercise for no reason; we are bombarded with alien invasion and zombie apocalypse scenarios but what people fail to realize is that these events are not separate from each other. Just by having read these words that (+)Orgone Generators as made at orgone blasters can do all these things, you are a huge step ahead of everyone else who has never heard of it, and you can either act on it and test it out yourself with what you can actively prove about orgone, or stay ignorant and victimized by chemtrails and harmful DOR EMF/ELF waves. This is the solution to their DOR agenda, this powerhouse in orgone, the good stuff, not the other junk that simply can’t ever compare to orgone blasters.

An Introduction to Reverse Speech. For all who want to interrupt their regularly scheduled programming.

Here I will lay out pertinent information about reverse speech for anyone interested in learning about it.

What is reverse speech???

I will explain by telling you what Reverse Speech Analysis is, which is the act of taking an audio file with speech in it and reversing it, uncovering/revealing the words, syllables, and phonetics contained therein, and analyzing the speech based on the subject matter of what is stated forwards and/or potential surrounding information pertaining to the main or overall subject. Now, what YOU will hear in reverse MAY VERY WELL VARY from what someone else like your MOTHER or SIGNIFICANT OTHER IS HEARING; this is because most people DO NOT HAVE TRAINED REVERSE SPEECH EARS! I have over 100 hours of REVERSE SPEECH LISTENING added on myself, AT LEAST, and that’s more than the 2, 5, or 30 minutes someone critical of reverse speech has who uses this lack of experience to justify why they cannot hear what I have laid before them. I have come up with the theory that they are specifically being blocked by God so that they continue to have no understanding or they indeed HAVE HEARD what I typed out (which is 99.9999-100% accurate) and either are only publicly feigning ignorance or are truly in denial, suffering from cognitive dissonance. (More on this below). Also, in my case it’s very different as I listen to all reversals with my Third Ear using my NF3 Neurophone (ever since January of 2015), and this puts me in the most superior position to tell everyone what is being stated in reverse; ANYONE not DEAF can listen in with their 2 ears, but only a very extremely few are able to utilize their saccule gland with Neurophone technology (which I have a video on, link BELOW) to bring you the best 100% NO BULLSHIT reversals IN THE WORLD. What i’ve learned is that subconscious thought is being rendered and made manifest through our forwards speech in its reverse setting. Some key syllables and phonetics of the reverse speech will produce a phrase or groups of phrases that share a connection to the truth of the subject matter, as stated before. The truth about reverse speech is that it is more than just gibberish; when you listen to something in reverse, for instance, a song you have produced yourself, with your own lyrics that you sang, you will discover, or, rediscover, the feelings you felt when writing it, what was going on when you wrote it, and it may even provide insight into what you will be doing in the future based on what you’ve written and the feelings you had when you sang and wrote the song. ALL IN REVERSE!

In this way, you can effectively say words forwards with the intent of meaning to say certain words in reverse. By doing this, you can program unwitting listeners with what you want them to feel, think, or act, through targeting their subconscious with your reverse speech, where it is picked up.

How is reverse speech heard in the subconscious???

Here, I did a little copy/paste work:


  1. 1.
    of or concerning the part of the mind of which one is not fully aware but which influences one’s actions and feelings.

One major theme I have come across in reverse speech is that the words we say forwards often time reflect our inner desires and true intentions WHEN REVERSED, even when those inner desires and true intentions were NOT actually MADE KNOWN speaking those words forwards. In other words, If I talked to you and asked you a question you didn’t want to answer, and you lied about it, and I reversed everything you said, I would most likely pick up through reverse that you lied about what you told me. Reverse speech is called the “ultimate lie detector” for this reason. There is a  stranglehold on millions of minds throughout the world with this terrible and corrupting mainstream Illuminati satanic hollywood music, and there is no doubt that reverse speech is taken advantage of and used for the programming. What we hear forwards we understand and assimilate accordingly; through forwards speech and with malicious intent, our subconscious can be affected and you can be programmed through the true meaning of what is said forwards as the reverse is being picked up unbeknownst to you. Most people don’t wonder, “I wonder what this song sounds like in reverse.” Most people don’t wonder if they are being subtly programmed through reverse in certain music.


For example, a dear friend of mine came to me one day and showed me this song she liked called Golden Dawn, by a certain band called Goat! Right off the bat I knew it was not going to be good. WHY? Well the masons, jesuits, the khazar/edomite talmud loving fake jew zionists, and all those who comprise the NWO chain of command, hate Jesus Christ (real name Yahushuah) and find it in their best interests to get you to feel similarly, and if not hate, then mock, if not mock, then scoff, if not scoff, then deny and ignore Him at all costs! There’s a parable Yahushuah spoke of which, like the wheat and the tares, has to do with whether or not you’re HIS or you AREN’T. This parable is of the Sheep and the Goats! The sheep are His, and they follow Yah’s commands, they live to do their best for Him, and even if they screw up along the way, they love Him, and are led by Him. The Goats, on the other hand, go their own way. They don’t follow Yah at all. In fact, they are most disobedient to Him and lead themselves! Don’t forget that Aleister Crowley was affiliated with the order of the what? The GOLDEN DAWN. He was also the creator and leader of the OTO, the Order Templi Orientis, an offshoot of freemasonry, complete with ritual human and animal sacrifice and the slogan “Do what thou wilt, is the whole of the law.” Do what YOU want! Do what you want as long as it is with “love,” including sacrificing young male children; must be lovely! This is a real quote from the beast 666 himself:“The animal should therefore be killed within the Circle, or the Triangle, as the case may be, so that its energy cannot escape. An animal should be selected whose nature accords with that of the ceremony — thus, by sacrificing a female lamb one would not obtain any appreciate quantity of the fierce energy useful to a Magician who was invoking Mars. In such a case a ram would be more suitable. And this ram should be virgin — the whole potential of its original total energy should not have been diminished in any way. For the highest spiritual working one must accordingly choose that victim which contains the greatest and purest force. A male child of perfect innocence and high intelligence is the most satisfactory and suitable victim. For evocations it would be more convenient to place the blood of the victim in the Triangle — the idea being that the spirit might obtain from the blood this subtle but physical substance which was the quintessence of its life in such a manner as to enable it to take on a visible and tangible shape.”
(“Magick in Theory and Practice” by Aleister Crowley CHAPTER XII OF THE BLOODY SACRIFICE: AND MATTERS COGNATE)Crowley lover: I think it’s also important to mention that no Thelemite advocates murder or in fact anything else that infringes on someone else’s rights to carry out their True Will or higher purpose. It is Do What Thou Wilt, not Do What Thou Like. I won’t “preach” and I know I’m going to get flack for this anyway, but we’re not the monsters that people make us out to be and in my time associated with the OTO, I have felt stronger than ever before. I made myself stronger, but my Order (similar to the OTO) laid in place a framework that helps me challenge myself and better myself.”

Yea, sure sounds like Alice is talking about masturbating there! Yes that was sarcasm. His followers will do anything to try and convince you that he didn’t really mean what he wrote; to sacrifice male children of perfect innocence and high intelligence in a triangle. To who? You be the judge:

“Satan! Cry Aloud! Though Exalted Most High! Oh Me Father Satan! The Eye!”
(Aleister Crowley, Magnum Opus, Book Four)
Great article here:       LOTS of pictures!

So, right off the bat, I knew this Golden Dawn song by the band Goat was just no good… is the reversal!
I always use headphones when doing this so I advise you to use headphones as well.
“Mock mock mock mock people people people people wolf party ser-ser-serve fanta-fantasy mo-mo-monini-neck-be a deity, sex in me fuck-uck me.”

Sounds about right for GOLDEN DAWN by GOAT. You don’t even wanna KNOW what it said FORWARDS….total Illuminati propaganda for the hellbound new age idiots that are awaiting their “galactic saviours.” They’re so lost. (

It makes sense they’d have such an obvious reverse speech message, as Crowley himself was actually fascinated with reverse speech, and coined something called the Law of Reversal!
I implore each and every one of you who made it this far to not only read every word on that link but watch the videos too.

As I explained before, reverse speech may even provide insight into what you will be doing in the future based on what you’ve written and the feelings you had when you sang and wrote the song.

This was the perfect example for me back in senior year 2012, where I had already done so much research into the INWO and was breaking out of my atheist shell and delving into “new age concepts” through David Icke’s material. I’ve always been into music so I had been writing songs since 2010, but after learning more about the NWO in about early 2011, I began to focus on writing an anti-NWO song which I threw on youtube in 2012. That’s the song I wrote the lyrics to sometime in 2011. During middle to late 2011 I had discovered this woman by the name of Sherry Shriner of, who offered a very, very different viewpoint of the NWO agenda and God unlike anyone else I’d ever heard before. She also provided to all who’d listen a solution to the chemtrails, to alien abductions, to negative entity interdimensional beings, through orgone, which she claims to have received specific instruction and recipe to make by Yahuah, the Most High God Himself. I didn’t think anything of it while in HS; with no job I knew I wouldn’t be buying it, so I just listened to her shows whenever I had the time. I’d listen during class when I could.


So the lyrics were written sometime in 2011. I was breaking out of my atheist shell but I didn’t HAVE a Christian “Love for God,” I hadn’t asked Yahushuah for forgiveness/salvation, and orgone really meant nothing to me. To be clear, when I wrote the song, I had no interest in making orgone and I didn’t give a crap whether or not I was committing sins against Yah. So here’s what I discovered in reverse in 2014, hearing myself say what I had been doing for 2 years by that point; getting orgone out. The reverse speech accurately revealed something I would begin doing, by about 4 months in advance.
Warning: use headphones, it will be loud!

“Youuuuuuu(f)! I mean, I don’t like to sin, never liked it (orgone!). Yeaaaaa, stick it up yer-back off, makin’ orgone with her!”When July rolled around, as I was listening to Sherry Shriner, it really dawned on me accept Christ ( I can definitely attest to the “wilderness living” that Sherry Shriner talks about on her websites ( and in this way, further, Yah revealed Himself to me, so I can really, honestly say that  I don’t “believe in” God, I acknowledge His existence.

Obviously though it takes faith and belief at first for your knock on His door to be heard, and I thank Him greatly for revealing Himself to me so that I could stand up and even have a testimony such as this. I keep telling people, ya want proof of God, yea? Ya do??? The proof starts with you, knockin’ on His door that is.  Too hard? It *may* be because you were born to live a life not serving Him. Obviously an OMNISCIENT BEING such as YHWH knows WHO is going to the HELL and HEAVEN that He created. He clearly created certain people for hell, certain people to take the mark of the beast 666, certain people to worship the image of the beast etc.] 

I highly doubt that anyone who follows Sherry’s guideline to starting your own personal relationship with Yah will NOT have Yah reveal Himself to them! He doesn’t do it as a test, He does it to truth seekers who want the truth, and sought Yahushuah, the bridge to Father HImself.


I would say the best program to use for reverse speech is WavePad free download. Everything comes up so clear and not muddy like audacity. Here I will leave you all with some famous ones, pay particular attention to the stairway to heaven, another one bites the dust, paparazzi , hit me baby one more time, pokemon rap, and the eminem/slim shady my name is. Those are the important and accurate ones.


I don’t spend my time reversing hit pop songs because I don’t wanna hear the bullshit forwards, but be warned all this jz, niki minaj, kaue west, katy peri, beyonse, riyanna, especially kesha, and all these radio idols, all these big illuminati satan freaks, they have got LOADS of subliminal and not so subliminal satanic messages in their artwork, songs, and you bet in the reversals of their songs. And how many kids are listening to this at such a young age, growing up with it? Of course the parents, since they’re allowing this garbage to be played, have no real understanding of how their young minds are being taken over subconsciously as well. Very sick.

Even the political speeches could be reversed to hear the truth about situations. This is obama’s reversal.


So when you are actually studying this and gaining technical, ears-on, experiential knowledge and you get people that say, “You’re only hearing what you wanna hear,” “You’re imagining words,” or “Humans can believe they hear anything; some people hear voices in white noise,” it is clear that they have not taken the time to do enough research on their own, and instead have once again relied on their self-appointed delusional authority figures in their cult of society to tell them what the truth is. As you might know, Official Institutional Illuminati Science considers reverse speech PSEUDOSCIENCE.


“You’re only hearing [what’s on the screen] because you read the words!” This is a favorite one of deniers of reality! Discoverers of reverse speech messages never had any words before them, only ears to hear, and if the words happen to align with the subject matter, then it makes all the more sense. You’re all reading what I heard, not what I read, and what I heard aligns with the truth. That tears apart the above “argument,” really just a defense mechanism, since reverse speech is something so profoundly NEW [to those who aren’t paying attention] and interesting/intriguing that shutting down its existence, influence, and/or validity in their own view is one of the first things people will do to shield themselves from  awesome information. This is what is known as “cognitive dissonance;” some people cannot accept that which is so against their preconceived notions [faulty worldview based on years of Illuminati social conditioning]. It is just something to be aware of.

So the next time you hear a song and wonder why you like it so much, besides the beats, besides the forwards speech and anything that can be enjoyed forwards, consider the implications it has on your mind in reverse. What I do is write down everything as I hear it, dissecting the pauses/breaks, getting familiar with the syllables, and focusing on exactly the pronunciation so that a clear picture of what is being said can come to the surface. Not, “Ooooooh this sounds good, hmmmm no that doesn’t sound like what *I* want it to sound like but I’ll make it the word I want anyway.” No. That’s not how it works. You just have to have trained ears and understand how the reverse speech develops into the bigger picture of what’s being reversed, and not stick to one word, but have multiple words to choose from which you can use to really discover the truth. And then you put it all together!

I know a lot of people can’t decode reverse speech so I just make it easier for them. I am doing people a favor, if they’d just subscribe, listen and follow along.


Well I hope you all enjoyed this, I do take requests.

Yah bless.

Satanic NEO Neurophone “Our followers will be 666”

Jim Carey: Illuminati Puppet Reverse Speech Revealed! “Satan don’t want no one going yellow.”

In this first installment of Reverse Speech Analysis we take a closer look at Jim Carey’s latest performance on Jimmy Kimmel sometime in November of 2014. This was fairly recent. Millions of people seen it already. What happened was that he went on stage to bring attention to the Illuminati to the public sector, arrogantly showing off pyramid symbolism using his wagging tongue. The plan obviously is to garner some form of welcoming or sympathy to/for the Illuminati in the public. They, the Illuminati, know that the masses watching this program know little to next to nothing about them, and bringing attention to themselves (The Illuminati) in this fashion, using mockery and facetious jesting right in plain sight, is their modis operandi; they have long used predictive programming to let us know future disaster events, and in this case, they are informing the sleeping masses that they exist, much to their programmed rejection of this truth. Just get them curious and confused, and that’ll be enough! They are revealing themselves to mankind, through their hollywood slaves. They have already let us know their existence through so many other avenues and walks of life, but this most blatant display of exposure sure should make you wonder when the true revealing and disclosure (alien card) will be played.

So as for the analysis of the reverse speech, one thing that I found interesting is when Jim, in reverse, says, “Hey misnomer…”

  1. a wrong or inaccurate name or designation.
    • a wrong or inaccurate use of a name or term.

Forwards, the conversation went,

Carey: “right. yea”

Kimmel “What is it?”

C: “come on,  Jimmy.”

“Come on,” he says it like he knows Kimmel knows; he is referring to the Illuminati. Carey proceeds to call the Illuminati the “Luminutty,” (the misnomer) paying homage to Seth Macfarlane’s American Dad episode bringing attention to the Illuminati with a storyline about the Mr. Peanut character and his monocle, where Mr. Peanut is traced to a shadowy organization called the Illuminutty. The “monocle” of course is the all-seeing eye, what both Jimmy’s portrayed LIVE that night with a slight twist, showing it off through their mouths and calling it the “all-mocking tongue,” mocking the very audience that laughs along at their enslavement, totally unaware of it, which, forwards and IN REVERSE, Carey IS TELLING THEM. More Below.

Jim Carey, speaking about his influence and others HOLLYWOOD stars’ influences on the masses, to the masses, “To, throw you off track, to distract you, to make you laugh, stuff like that. Make you happy and docile so you don’t really know what’s going on. Ya know? And they get out there in the woods in a circle naked and they decide these things, and, you know, *cough cough*.”

In reverse he says, “Eh-HEH, audy-n-ag/our dee & A/our DNA. Some can’t see the outside in the day, the end walkers, so there’s no wondering why they get parted. Naaah, they wanna gather as the one audience.” 

Our DNA. Something about our DNA, just mentioning it, you know that for so long now through GM Anti-Foods, vaccines, chemtrails, and other avenues the Illuminati have been actively attempting to change the DNA of mankind. Then what he says about people not seeing the outside in the day, they are not seeing the obvious, they are not seeing what is right in front of them. The audience claps, cheers and laughs, knowing not at all what he really means. They can’t see the outside in the day! Eyes closed! They can’t see! They are not awake! The “end walkers.” All those alive in the End Times/Latter Days. “It’s no wondering why they get parted,” so many people will be separated when the shit finally hits the fan, and there are certain people on Earth that Father has chosen and will separate from the others. During the peril on Earth people will be separated and killed, raped, tortured during FEMA martial law and civil unrest/roundups. “Gather as one audience.” They will all fall for the coming alien deception, gather as one, under a one world global totalitarian socialist government, under the antichrist, united under false prosperity and peace through NESARA and global currency reset scam and the false ALIEN MESSIAH/ASCENDED MASTER GARGE THAT BRINGS IT.

Then, of course, he and Kimmel agree that there is “only one,” and they are encouraging you to take the mark of the beast. You can hear it for yourself! “Say it saved doe. One, all sense of worships; get marked! The law! (One way!) 

And of course he says, “Satan don’t want no one going yellow.” Which is a reversal of when Jim says to Kimmel “Oh like YOU don’t know what it [the Illuminati pyramid symbolism he just showed] is.” Satan don’t want no one going yellow=show your loyalty to satan. Oh like you don’t know what loyalty to satan is? That is what he’s saying. He is saying, show your loyalty, he, satan, doesn’t want yellow bellies, and as we know from history, so-called yellow bellies, the ones that don’t tow the line, the ones that want OUT of the industry, the ones that want to and do renounce their affiliation with their controllers, get off’d by murder and a suicide label is slapped on it and the masses say “what a shame, it’s not easy being famous.” And that is an understatement. The longer you are in the industry, the more is expected of you. Sacrifices, like human sacrifices, murder, sodomy be it by man, beast, or demon. Shit on toothpicks to eat as gourmet appetizers, and they sold their souls for it.

“Monday Night with Sherry Shriner – Those who claim they are the elite over us..spend most of their time eating feces, drinking urine and having relations with donkeys! Seriously, how elite is that folks??”

“Monday Night with Sherry Shriner – Satanists and Secret groups dominating America…they’re everywhere folks! A who’s what in the Death Cult in Hollywood…and much more!”

Jim Carey’s stunt successfully embedded in the minds of millions to start considering the Illuminati as something a bit more serious, or at least embed in their minds that, “yea, this isn’t going away.” That Illuminati stuff you laughed about and called stupid, crazy, retarded, outlandish, impossible, and radical, that might have kept you up at night in fear and bewilderment? It’s starting to become more real than ever.